When an emergency arises, are you ready?

The Wristmag by Snaptech is the worlds first handgun & shotgun accessory that instantly attaches spare ammo and gear to your shooting hands wrist. Whether you're jumping out of bed and quickly need to gear up for home defense, or just want a fun piece of gear for the shooting range, Wristmag has you covered.

Wristmag is engineered to never malfunction or interfere with your weapon when used properly.

What our customers say.

100% Worth the money! Absolutely love it! It snaps and secures exactly as described. I feel better prepared for home defense now! Great Product!

Jonathan Bowman

One of the best ideas ever. Honestly this is a must have. You can quickly carry extra mags, a knife, and/or flashlight. You can tell Snaptech takes pride in their work because there's no blemishes or even one stitch out of place. I plan on getting another one very soon!

Kane Hubbard

So excited to have this product in our home! We always have people at the shooting range asking us where it's from!

Jessica Duke.

Great product, it works as described and is something the firearms industry has needed for a long time.

Brian Kirby

It's honestly a really simple elegant solution for quite a major problem. I'm honestly amazed no one has brought this to market before. 10/10


Didn't know I needed it until I had it. It's exactly as described. Arrived on time, quality materials and now has a new home on my nightstand. I just have to stop playing with it like it's a toy!


Best f*****g decision I've ever made. Won't regret it.

Jovanni Gurrola

Perfect for home defense... an all in one carrier when you need it most! Great gift for anyone who has a firearm at home.

Michael Butler

Extremely quick to deploy and makes reloading that much faster as the magazines are only inches from the gun. Snaps to your wrist firmly and isn't going anywhere once it's on. Overall highly recommend!


Watch the Wristmag in action!

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